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I am a writer and character designer based in a leafy little corner of Essex.

However, it all started up the road from Bletchley Park. I spent most of my childhood
writing and drawing. I wrote on cereal packs, drew on the wallpaper (BIG trouble). In a
moment of madness, I even scratched a poem on the sideboard and hid it under a vase.
I was grounded for two weeks for that little trick, which gave me more time to write
and draw.

Some of these early “designs” were only discovered a few years later when the house was

Eventually, my long-suffering parents bought a job-lot of wall lining paper and I managed
not to write on the family possessions again for many years.
Legal stuff
It might seem obvious that I would study art or literature at university, but those-that-kept-me-fed thought otherwise.
It was “suggested” that I got a “proper job”.  So,  after gaining a first in Biochemistry and Microbiology I worked as an R&D
Scientist for some years.

The interest in science and medicine actually started about ten years earlier. After reading a book about blood disorders
at the age of eight, I and my best friend painted ourselves yellow in art class. The aim was to make Mrs Bright believe we
Had jaundice and thus get sent home early. Needless to say it didn’t work.

Biotechnology was fun, but the lure of writing never left and I spent a number of years as Managing Editor of a
Biotechnology journal for Cambridge University Press followed by many freelance editing positions.
Whilst continuing to write and edit in several capacities, I retrained in art and design. These days I combine the two
and have contributed to many books and school training courses that make science and nutrition fun for children.

Work is varied and has grown over the years, resulting in products bearing my designs and words.
These are as diverse as greeting cards, giftware, posters, homewares, apparel and plush. Along the way
I have won and been nominated for awards and my creations have sold in lovely stores around the
world including New Look, Selfridges, John Lewis, Harrods and many fabulous independent stores.

I still don’t think that “going to work” is work and have been lucky enough to have some amazing clients, collaborators
and working “partners”.

The key areas I focus on now are

creating fun and effective copy for websites
designing products
generating characters and poems for licensing
working with charities through my designs
writing children’s books